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wtf is photoshop?

2013-10-11 14:45:52 by caskoner101

sooo yeaa i dont know how to use photoshop and i dont have a scanner and all my artwork are taken from a crappy phone camera and the details cant be really seen bare with me until i buy a new camera (which means never) but if you like my artwork rate it,comment it or even critique it i have no problem and if anyone is a graphic designer i can use some advice because im really thinking of being a graphic designer..ΒΙΙΒΕΣΣ!! ΚΑΙ ΓΑΜΩ ΤΗ ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ!!

wtf is photoshop?


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2013-10-11 16:17:14

photoshop, from what i know, is a photo manipulation software. it's used to touch up photos or images or what have you.

i don't know if anyone uses it for drawing or graphic design tho (although i'm guessing there is)

caskoner101 responds:

thanks dude have nice one :D


2013-10-12 09:33:36

dat bafra P:

caskoner101 responds:

you like? cheers XD


2013-10-14 15:41:14

What Yoshiii343 said. There are plenty of similar programs that are easier to use though, like Fireworks (my favorite). If you're looking for something free, GIMP is a great alternative. Nice art!

caskoner101 responds:

thanks dude ;)